Experienced & Knowledgeable

Highest-Level Production Matched by Great Service

We seek long term partnerships that allow our clients to manage the process with reasonable margin for themselves and competitive prices for their clients. We recognize that even the highest-level production must be matched by great service. Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable customer service personnel strive to make it easy for you to do business with us.


Proper Communication


Cutting-Edge Software


Transparency in Pricing


Responsibly Controlling Costs

Quick & Clear

Proper Communication is Important

When you partner with Tidewater Direct, we keep you updated.

We answer quickly and respond clearly to all inquiries, even at night or on weekends.  Our account managers are equipped with software that makes production status and shipping information readily available. They can easily determine inventory balances in any of our 3 plants. Our software allows our account managers to be in complete control of your jobs, and respond quickly to price requests.

Be In Complete Control

Total Job Transparency

Our software allows our account managers to be in complete control of your jobs and respond quickly to price requests. The price you agreed upon is the price you’ll pay.


Our quotes are professional PDFs that display clearly each specification of the job.


Once accepted, your quote is transformed seamlessly in your job.


If your job alters along the way, we’ll inform you immediately of any change in price.


Upon completion of your job, your quote becomes your invoice.

Keeping Costs Low

We Control Our Costs and are Financially Responsible

At Tidewater Direct, we own our buildings, trucks, and equipment. We review production performance regularly which is basis for the pricing we give. That is why in an industry dominated by price chasers, Tidewater Direct remains a price setter. Furthermore, you can be sure that the manufacturing price you receive from us today will be the price you would get tomorrow.

Controlling Costs

Tidewater Direct owns our buildings, trucks, & equipment.

Regular Reviews

Pricing is based on production performance reviews.