Continuous Forms

As a direct mail component part supplier, Tidewater Direct knows continuous forms production intimately. And with our extensive lettershop knowledge-base, we know how to produce continuous forms optimally and efficiently to enhance laser production.

Variable Repeat Presses

Our modern variable repeat Sanden and Harris continuous forms presses offer fast turnaround times and tremendous capacity for large projects. We can print up to 10 colors, and finish as rolls or sheets. Our forms presses are strategically located on the east coast and in the mid-west to cater to letter shops across the country. Each press features:

  • UV dryers on ALL presses, after every color
  • Pinfeeds
  • Cross, vertical, and pattern perforations
  • Variable repeats including 17”, 22” (11”) and 28” (14”)
  • Automatic Registration
  • Double Sided Viewing
  • Automatic splicing and Rewind Splicing
  • And more!

Quality You Can Count On

When you receive continuous forms from Tidewater Direct, you can rest assured they will:

  • Have good roll construction – no telescoping or staggering rolls
  • Have consistent color from roll to roll and throughout each roll
  • Be flagged clearly to identify good and bad product
  • Have the press operator, date, and time of production clearly labeled
  • Be printed on laser guaranteed paper

We can accommodate any unwind position, and can ship rolls on end or poker-chipped to maximize shipping efficiency.

Laser Cut Sheets

In addition to continuous forms, Tidewater Direct produces hundreds of millions of laser cut sheets, blank checks, and pre-printed blank notepad sheets for its wholesale clients every year. The ability to batch count, shrink wrap, and carton pack on press makes Tidewater the frontrunner in the industry. Our laser grade house paper stock is the perfect complement to handle the high heat and pressure of today’s laser printers. Couple this with excellent web print quality and your next cut sheet project is guaranteed success in our hands.

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