Packing Inserts, Product Information, and Printed Instructions

Tidewater Direct excels at producing high volume printed packaging inserts, product information and printed instructions and literature. We are intimately familiar with the importance of conveying medically critical information at a minimal cost. We are also well versed in producing inserts in a clean, process-controlled environment under documented production procedures. With multiple printing press repeat lengths and infinite web width possibilities, Tidewater Direct can help design your high volume packaging insert for optimal print production and minimal waste. Most importantly, Tidewater Direct finishes and packages your literature so they insert flawlessly on your cartoning lines or inserters.


Printed industrial packaging inserts, instructions and literature is a perfect application for web offset printing. With tremendous paper and production savings over traditional sheet-fed printing, web offset printing is the perfect marriage between quality and efficiency. Moreover, Tidewater Direct can offer light weight paper stocks that sheet-fed presses can’t run, offering additional savings.


Tidewater Direct utilizes a fleet of modern specialized cutting and folding equipment for all packaging insert orders. Our cutters are so precise that they are manufactured to be accurate within 1/32”. Our pharmaceutical and conventional folders are just as accurate. With confidence, we can produce folded inserts that are accurate within a ±1mm window, critical for inserting. With with a capacity of cutting and folding millions of pieces per day, we can meet tight deadlines.


Tidewater Direct knows intimately how literature is inserted into your cartons. We know that when it cups or twists, it can jam your cartoning lines or inserters. That is why Tidewater Direct developed a proprietary packaging method that keeps your printed inserts flat. Our goal is to produce literature that never stops your production lines.