Terms & Conditions

Written by Geoffrey Eisenberg, Vice President of Operations at Tidewater Direct

Anyone direct mail contractor that creates packages for credit card or mortgage solicitations knows the game of procuring the “Terms and Conditions” inserts. The game is “how cheap can I buy it”.

The first thought that comes to mind is to print it on the back of the form rather than create another insert. And though it may sound logical at first, a good direct mail contractor knows that printing the terms and conditions on the form is a costly use of direct mail real estate. Using 50% of a 60 lb white offset form to display terms and conditions is expensive and detracts from the intended message. For example, 1MM 8.5x14 forms on 60 lb white offset may use close to 15,500 lbs of paper. Using 50% of the printable surface area of the form, 119 square inches on the back, uses 7750 lbs of 60 lb white offset. That same information could be printed on a lower basis weight stock, like 40 lb vellum offset. It would use 33% less paper to convey the same information. That same form could either contain more pertinent information to the offer on the back, or the form size could be reduced.

As demonstrated, a more effective method is to include the terms and conditions as a stand alone insert. Naturally, the information required in the insert is determined by law – but the basis weight of the stock the information is printed on is not. What can print on a 50 lb white offset insert has moved to hybrid offset vellum sheets in 42.5 lb, 40 lb, 38 lb, and even 35 lb basis weights. Tidewater Direct can print and fold all of these basis weights effectively and efficiently.

Today, Tidewater Direct is proud to be an efficiency leader in producing terms and conditions inserts. With full webs and high speed folding capabilities, Tidewater can take the hassle out of adding this component part to your package. Your production floor will love us too – our product comes neatly banded and packed so there are no surprises at delivery. We regularly handle these types of component parts with multiple codes and quick deadlines with ease. And with a little design flexibility, Tidewater Direct is happy to show you how to use our full web capabilities to your advantage.

For high volume terms and conditions, Tidewater Direct brings the ultimate weapon to your arsenal – inline folding capabilities. For a 4 page, 6 page, or 8 page format folded to fit a #10 or 6x9 envelope, from 6-8.5” wide, Tidewater Direct can print terms and conditions on papers with newsprint-low basis weights, slashing your costs from offline processes by 20% or more. Best of all, they will arrive banded and packaged neatly so that they run well on your inserting equipment. All it takes is a little design flexibility to gain the competitive edge for your client.

Accept no substitution – Tidewater Direct is the Terms and Conditions specialist. Contact us today to discuss partnering with us on your next project.