Tidewater Direct Ramps up Production to Meet Direct Mail Printing Demand

Commercial Printer Flex’s Capacity Muscle with Record Breaking Production

Centreville, MD, 7/20/2010 – Tidewater Direct, a web offset printing company with 3 locations across Maryland and Iowa, continues to make tremendous strides in the high volume direct mail printing industry. In July alone, Tidewater will print, fold and ship more than 200 million continuous forms, terms and conditions, generic inserts, and buck slips for its clients.

“Our staff’s ability to react to the surge we’re experiencing has been nothing short of remarkable,” maintains Geoffrey Eisenberg, Vice President of Operations. “We’ve increased our staffing at our Centreville plant by almost 30% in relatively short order to keep up with the short turn-around our clients require.” Tidewater’s ability to expand and contract with staffing to meet market conditions facilitates quick growth for new client acquisition, allowing Tidewater to compete on a national scale with high volume print production projects.

Tidewater’s Iowa location, as well as American Direct (a sister company to Tidewater Direct), have seen noteworthy growth in continuous forms printing in the last 2 months. Tidewater operates a fleet of 5 continuous forms presses around the clock to answer to this increased work load. Andy Petersen and Tom Becker, general managers of the respective plants, have answered the call to this volume increase by adding extra shifts and increasing staffing. Both plants are currently in operation 24 hours a day, 6-7 days a week

Many printers and paper mills experienced hardship in 2009, which has created excitement with this newfound surge. Nevertheless, this surge is having unintended consequences in the paper market, causing considerable paper price increases and capacity shortages. Fortunately, Tidewater’s buying power and consistent pay history has allowed them to respond well to the surge, in spite of these shortages. “Our ability to buy paper at competitive rates is a market advantage for Tidewater. We pay our bills well, and volumes allow us to negotiate paper pricing and delivery, even in markets as turbulent as what we are experiencing today,” remarks Ken Boone, Tidewater Direct’s President. Tidewater also maintains an inventory of 1MM lbs in each facility to react to unforeseen demand.

While the direct mail printing market is experiencing a growth cycle, Tidewater Direct is prepared to move forward into other segments. “If 2009 taught us anything, it’s that we need to have a well-diversified portfolio of clients to maintain volumes in our plants,” notes Robert Mason, Vice President of Sales. Pharmaceutical Printing in particular is an area in which Tidewater seeks growth, anticipating new equipment investment and increasing capacity.


Tidewater Direct specializes in efficient, quality web offset printing including direct mail printing, continuous forms printing, and pharmaceutical printing and folding. With 3 locations across Maryland and Iowa and a production footprint of 200,000 square feet, Tidewater is equipped to meet the tightest deadlines and highest volume print demands.