American Direct Acquires 10 Color Sanden 1500 Web Offset Printing Press

Direct Mail Printing Company Purchases a 3rd Printing Press in Less Than 1 Year

Baltimore, MD, 2/2/2012 – American Direct Inc, a sister company to Tidewater Direct LLC, has announced the purchase of a 10 color Sanden 1500 printing press. This marks the 3rd Sanden 1500 web offset printing press the company has acquired in less than a year. With printing cylinder inserts compatible with the 2 8 color Sanden presses that precede it, this press is the ideal complement to American Direct’s pressroom layout. The addition of the 3rd press, which is the 5th press at Baltimore-based American Direct and the 14th in the company, allows ADI to perform fewer cylinder changes in their regular workflow which increases efficiency and reduces cost. The third press shows an astounding commitment to the direct mail printing and pharmaceutical printing markets in which it continues to be a growing player.

Notably, this press will now enable ADI to print 10 color forms with 17”, 22” and 28” repeats. This lends itself well to direct mail printing that requires 4cp on both sides plus a spot color – in many cases that can be a logo or another critical color. The press is fully capable of additional formats that use all 10 units. This new capability brings value to ADI’s already-capable pressroom.

“This is the 3rd Sanden printing press we’ve purchased in less than a year for American Direct; we’re locating and taking advantage of opportunities that are allowing us to grow,” explains Ken Boone, CEO of ADI. He went on to say “I admire the business model that Southwest Airlines uses; same equipment for all flights so that spares are interchangeable and any pilot can fly any plane. In a sense, I have taken that direction with ADI.”

The press comes complete with a splicer, infeed, 10 printing towers, a complementing bindery section, and finishes as rolls rewound on a GEC turret rewinder, or folded forms with a fan-fanfolder. Incidentally, this press will add the 5th GEC rewinder at the Baltimore plant, and the 7th in the company. Each printing tower is equipped with uv interstation drying, including movable double lamps that can be stationed at turn bars. For quality assurance, the press comes with a CC1 automatic registration system, front and back inspection cameras, and Paretta remote inking capabilities. This press is ideal for continuous forms printing.

Tom Becker, President of ADI was also excited for the continued growth. “We started with relatively humble beginnings and have grown our business substantially in the last 8 years. The Sanden presses we are purchasing today produce a higher quality product with a 33%-50% efficiency increase. In other words, they exemplify the commitment we have to our clients by keeping prices low while positioning quality in the forefront of our strategy.”

The press, currently being installed, is expected to start up in the middle of February with full-on production by March 1st, 2012.


American Direct and its sister company, Tidewater Direct specialize in the efficient, quality web offset print production of high volume direct mail component parts and packaging inserts. With 3 locations in Maryland and Iowa and a production footprint of 200,000 square feet, the companies are equipped to meet the tightest deadlines and highest volume demands.